Your Questions Our Answers

We are planning a wedding and need a music selection that appeals to people of all ages. Can you do that?
No problem. You have no idea how many songs there are that grandchildren and grandparents both know. I have thousands of them in my playlists.
What kinds of events do you do?
  We can do all kinds of parties and it is our job to get people to dance. Since we love all kinds of music, I can provide music for any kind of event (including background music).
What kind of equipment do you provide? Do we have to provide anything else?

We provide state of the art equipment and are constantly upgrading. In addition, we bring back-up just in case. No need to bring anything, just be ready for a great time!

If you have any special requests, I can provide or lease additional equipment, but please be sure to mention that when we plan the party.